Sherman 2nd graders donate to local animal shelter

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Four Sherman 2nd graders were able to donate about 500 pounds of pet food for the Sherman Animal Shelter.

The mission to feed homeless animals began with a book about a dog, read to the students by their "student success group" leader Randi Evans, who spends 45 minutes with them each day for a year.

"I think that they have a sense of a accomplishment and that they've learned it takes hard work to help others sometimes and once you do, you feel good about what you've done," Evans said.

Each Jefferson student participates in a student success group, designed to further their learning and teach them character traits. Right now, they're focusing on caring and citizenship.

"Hopefully these projects that we do here over the year will translate into changing these students as adults and how they conduct themselves as citizens," school counselor Cammi Bruton said.

Steve West with the Sherman Animal Shelter says the students donations should feed the shelter animals for at least two weeks.

"They're a great bunch of kids and it's appreciated greatly. They did a super job," West said.

Not only will this project make some tails wag, it also has these 2nd graders excited to continue their good deeds.

"It helps all the dogs and cats, plus I like all the dogs and cats because I used to have a dog and a cat as a pet," student Kevin Wrenn said.