Sherman Boys and Girls Club looking for temporary location after gym roof caves in

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SHERMAN, TX -- The Boys and Girls Club of Sherman will be closed until further notice. The organization's Director Mike Delong says they are working hard to find another location to use for their after-school program and sports activities, and hopes to find one before hundreds of kids need a place to go after class when Sherman schools reopen.

Delong says a majority of the gym is totaled after the winter blast dumped heavy ice on its roof. When Delong found the damage Monday afternoon he says it hit him hard.

"It's like you got kicked in the gut, or one of your kids got really sick," Delong said.

He says about 800 kids come to the club and says it plays an important role in many of their lives.

"Second home to a lot of the kids and an important part of families that are trying to make sure their kids are cared for while they're at work," Delong said.

"It's a mentoring program. It's a tutoring program," Aleman said.

Sherman Boys and Girls Club Board President, Tony Aleman says they are working nonstop to find a temporary location.

"Since we found out, you know that it caved in up there we have been looking for some places, you know there have been some churches that have opened up to us," Aleman said.

Aleman says Austin College has also offered their gym while its students are on Christmas break.

Delong says it is a headache dealing with the aftermath of the damage, but says he is counting his blessings knowing things could be much worse.

"Thank God there weren't any kids in the building, nobody's been hurt and this is a short-term inconvenience, but at the end of the day when it's said and done it's going to be fixed up. It's going to be nicer than it was and we can replace metal and buildings, but we can't replace kids," Delong said.

The Boys and Girls Club primarily operates off of funds from the United Way and grant money. If you would like to donate to help cover the cost of the damage you can send money to the Boys and Girls Club of Sherman at PO Box 452 Sherman, TX 75091.

If you know of a temporary location the club can move into contact them through their Facebook at "Sherman Boys and Girls Club".