Sherman ISD still considering standardized dress

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- On Tuesday, the Sherman ISD committee decided to not recommend standardized dress for Sherman students, but the final decision rests with the school board.

Sherman High School Principal Peggy VanMarter says there isn't a specific incident that led Sherman to start researching standardized dress.

"What the committee originally was formed for was to look at the advantages and disadvantages of going to a standard dress," VanMarter said.

She says there's plenty of literature out there that says standardized dress improves academic performance.

"We just thought it was worth looking into. You know, every decision we make is based on, you know, is this going to help the kids?" VanMarter said.

VanMarter is one of more than 30 on Sherman's standardized dress committee.

"A lot of folks would come to the committees with research on the pros that they had learned and some of them would come with the cons that they had learned," VanMarter said.

A Youngstown State University professor found that, "Schools with uniform policies improved in attendance, graduation and suspension rates."

But another professor at University of Missouri contradicts that, saying, "There is no positive correlation between uniforms and school safety or academic achievement"

"You can research anything and find just about any statistic you want to find on the Internet," VanMarter said.

VanMarter says the committee's deciding factor was that the district has done exceptionally well with this year's tweaks to the dress code, so a formal standardized dress might not be necessary.

The school board is likely to discuss standardized dress at their meeting Monday at seven.

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