Sherman ISD's plan of action for emergencies

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SHERMAN, TX -- The shock and sadness over the tragic loss of so many young children is hitting our nation, and our communities hard. Leaving parents across the country concerned for the safety of their own kids.

Sherman Independent School District talked Friday about the precautions and security measures they have in place to help protect their students and faculty.

While they could not go into too many details, Sherman ISD Superintendent, Dr. Al Hambrick, said they do have emergency plans in place in case something like this shooting were to happen here in Sherman, and they want to try to ease the minds of local parents.

"This is happening way too often anymore. Ya know its happening way too much," said mother Wendy Jones.

Wendy Jones' kids are young adults, but the news of Friday's shooting still hit her hard.

"How are they going to protect them more? Ya know how are they gonna protect the students," said Jones.

Sherman ISD Superintendent, Dr. Al Hambrick, says school security is their top priority.

While he cannot release specific details, he says they have a strong emergency operations plan in place if the unthinkable should happen.

"We think that we have some preventative measures in place here in the Sherman ISD that will continue to put our students and staff's safety in the highest priority we can," said Hambrick.

Additionally, all school visitors are required to provide a drivers' license for a background check. Hambrick says they also have lock-down drills, which they practice with students periodically, in case of a shooting on or near campus.

"The feedback that we received from one of our campuses is that within 30 seconds, we've got the whole school locked down. That is through practice, you never know when you'll need those. That is to get students safely in a place from harms way," said Hambrick.

But even with all the precautions they have in place, Friday's shooting has left parents everywhere, shaken.

"As a parent of three children, you think of your own children and you sometimes take your administrative or work hat off and be a mom or a dad, in this case, I certainly did that today."

"It's scary. It is scary. It makes you think what is going on. It makes me want to just lock my doors and not go anywhere," said mother Jamie Adams.

"Something like that happens to kids and you always think about your own," said father Russell Woody.

Sherman Police declined to comment on camera, but they ddo have a precautionary plan in place and they practice it often. SISD is offering counseling services about this tragedy.

And they have some tips on their website on how parents can tell their children about the shooting.