Sherman PD searching for person who shot at family home Tuesday

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Police arrived at the Sanchez home in the 1200 block of East Pecan Street around 1 a.m Tuesday. They say most nights it's a quiet neighborhood.

But early Tuesday morning they found bullet holes in multiple rooms of the house.

Maria Sanchez said the shots went through their bathroom and into their living room.

She said she's still trying to comprehend it.

"Why? Why did something like this happen?"

She doesn't understand why they picked her home.

"I don't have any problems in my house. My family's happy. Maybe [they want] money? I don't have money"

Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said they're still looking for a suspect.

"I'm sure they looked around the area. That kind of morning, officers responding are gonna look for any other vehicles that might be fleeing the scene, driving in erratic behavior...driving really fast." he said. "Nothing like that was found."

Sanchez said her family is clueless who could have done this.

She said the bullet barely missed the room where her kids were sleeping.

Hampton said they were fortunate.

"Any number of people inside the house - with it going through as many walls as it did, it's very dangerous - anybody could have been killed."

He said they recovered some evidence. But they are still early in the investigation.

"You've got somebody that's going around and doing this kind of activity, regardless of if the person knows who the family is or anything like that, it's very dangerous," he said.

Sanchez said her family is still in shock.

"My family's OK, but we're scared," she said.

Hampton urges anyone with information to contact the Sherman Police Department.

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