Sherman Police participate in National drug take-back this Saturday

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SHERMAN, TX - Many Texomans have medicine cabinets filled with old prescription drugs. Saturday, you can dispose of those drugs and other medications in a safe and easy way.

Prescription drugs help us get better, and can keep us well, but pharmacist Jana Bennett says taking expired medication or a prescription that isn't for you, can be toxic.

"You really shouldn't take anything that's not prescribed for you by your doctor," said Bennett.

That's one reason why Sherman police are participating in the Drug Enforcement Administration's national drug take back this Saturday.

"It's really dangerous when you have a medicine cabinet full of medications that are out of code date or that you don't use any more and you don't want to get rid of them, but at the same time if they get piled up there's a chance for kids to get involved," said Sergeant D.M. Hampton.

Sgt. Hampton says from 10 a.m. to 2 Saturday afternoon, they'll be taking old medications at 3 locations -- the police station, Sherman Town Center, and the Sherman municipal grounds.

As you go to clean out your medicine cabinet, know you can take old prescription pills you can also take liquids like cough syrup, and Sgt. Hampton says they'll even be accepting over the counter medications. But they won't accept sharp objects like needles, pressurized inhaler drugs, or illegal narcotics.

"All this is put into boxes that are taped up, sealed, and stored here, then the DEA comes and takes it and disposes of it properly," says Sgt. Hampton.

That prevents the medications from being flushed down the toilet or thrown in the trash.

If thrown flushed or thrown in the trash, "It normally ends up at waste water plants. Most facilities are not set up to treat chemicals. Do your part, help us keep the environment clean and keep our kids safe," says Leanne Wilson, pre-treatment supervisor at Sherman's Waste water plant.

Sgt. Hampton says they collected more than 300 pounds of drugs last year.

If you do have sharp objects to get rid of, you can ask your pharmacist about a mail-back program, or use a home destruction device.

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