Sherman Police present data on texting and driving

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SHERMAN, TX -- The Sherman City Council is debating whether to propose a ban on texting while driving and Monday evening, Sherman Police explained why it's necessary to save lives.

Officers say they want to prevent accidents.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver distraction was the cause of 18 percent of fatal crashes in 2010.

Currently Sherman does not have a texting while driving ordinance.

Monday evening, police gave their recommendation to the council and some residents say it's a good idea.

"If the council chooses the route in enacting an ordinance, we recommend that they stay in line with some of these other cities are doing and what the proposed state law may be," said Sherman Police Chief, Otis Henry. "That way they can run it in step with state law should it ever be enacted."

"The city would be safer and especially within the city because there's so much traffic out here nowadays," said resident, George Young. "When you drive you should be paying attention to what you're doing when you're driving."

Right now, Sherman has an ordinance that bans the use of hand-held devices in school zones.

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