Sherman businesses prepare for a busy tax free weekend despite bridge construction

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SHERMAN, TX -- Drivers traveling southbound on US-75 through Sherman tonight will be diverted onto the frontage road as crews make more improvements to the Loy Lake Bridge project.

The southbound lanes are set to reopen at 6 A.M. Friday morning, but some businesses and shoppers say they won't be affected by the project as we head into tax free weekend.

Tax free weekend begins Friday and businesses in Sherman are ready.

"It's extremely important," said JCPenney Supervisor, Britnee Benson. "This is gonna be one of our biggest events, especially with all our new coupons."

Beginning August 8th through the 10th, Texas shoppers will not be charged sales tax on most clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks priced under $100.

Benson says they expect hundreds of shoppers to come through the store this weekend.

"It definitely boosts ourselves because even though we're gonna have the taxes off of it, we're still gonna have people coming in our store to shop," Benson said.

Some shoppers are hitting Town Center early to avoid the rush.

"It benefits big families but I personally don't like it so that's why I'm out here today because I don't wanna be out when it's hectic during the weekend," said shopper, Tamara Stillman.

Benson says with the closure of the Loy Lake bridge, the company thought they would lose some business but she says that hasn't been the case.

"Actually it's done well with it being shut down and you would have thought last weekend was our tax free weekend as busy as we were," Benson said. "So I don't think it's affected our business at all. We're still getting everybody in and people are still traveling as much as they can to get here."

Some of those shoppers are looking to score the best deals early on.

"I'm definitely big on coupons and so I knew tax free weekend was coming up so that's why I came today to avoid the weekend tax free people," said shopper, Tenesa Ford.

For a complete list of items that are tax free, you can check:

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