Sherman interim police chief named

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SHERMAN, TX - The city of Sherman has named its new police chief.

Thursday morning City Manager George Olson named former Assistant Police Chief Otis Henry as Interim Police Chief.

Henry has been with the department for more than 29 years.

Olson was also considering Assistant Police Chief Ken Francis for the job.

He says Henry and Francis are well-matched and this decision is one of the toughest he's made as city manager.

According to Olsen, "Basically where I got was, either one of them would make an excellent chief for the city of Sherman. You know, at some point in there, in the process, you just start getting a feel for who you think would be best for the city of Sherman moving forward."

Henry will officially take office following city council's confirmation Monday evening.

Friday is Chief Tom Watt's last day as police chief.

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