Sherman parent says 2nd grader threatened sons with knife on school bus

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SHERMAN, TX -- A concerned father is speaking out after he says his son's life was threatened by another student on a Sherman ISD school bus.

The father, who we won't identify, said, "there was a knife pulled out, the blade was open, and the knife was pointed directly at my sons face."

The father says his seven year old son's life was threatened in front of his eight year old brother, on a Sherman ISD school bus headed to Wakefield Elementary Friday morning.

The father said, "the other student stated that he was going to kill my son. "

His children are in first and second grade. He says the boy who pulled the knife, was also a second grader and tells News 12 this particular student has bullied his sons in the past but he never expected something like this would happen and he's upset with how it was handled.

He said, "Never called me to reassure me that she was taking care of it didn't give me a peace of mind that my child would be safe attending this elementary school again."

He says he called the principal multiple times since Friday and finally reached her Monday morning.

According to federal law, Sherman ISD cannot tell him what consequence the other student is facing.

He said, "I understand that but as a parent whose child's life was threatened, I felt abandoned. You can't help but think of how things could have turned. The bus driver hitting the breaks and the knife coming loose and accidentally stabbing my son."

The district acknowledges an incident occurred and released this statement saying "The bus driver confiscated the knife and turned the student and knife over to the school personnel. Per the SISD student code of conduct, the principal too steps to immediately remove the student from campus and all sisd school buses."

The father says he says he's currently looking to transfer his children to another school district.

Click here to view the Sherman code of conduct.