Sherman residents aid in Superstorm Sandy relief

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SHERMAN, TX -- It's been two weeks since Superstorm Sandy struck the northeast coast. More than 150,000 people are still without power, and the death toll has risen to 113. Two Sherman residents took it upon themselves to help those feeling the effects of that storm thousands of miles away.

After seeing the heart wrenching images of the devastation, Dee Williams and Russell Smith decided they couldn't just stand by and watch. So, they spent the last four days loading up a trailer to bring supplies, and a little faith, to those effected.

Homes destroyed, people without shelter, power and warm clothes. These are images Dee Williams and Russell Smith couldn't bare any longer.

"We were just watching it on the news a few days after the storm and there was so many people that they cleaned their houses out and they were talking about everything that they owned was ruined and in trash bags or stuffed out by the curb. And I believe, I'm just guessing 3 or 4 million people that just don't have anything," Russell Smith said.

So, the two planned an impromptu trip to the battered region.

"My immediate thoughts is that I was blessed to be hearing that people wanted to be the hands and feet for Christ here locally," volunteer Josh House said.

With the help of Fairview Baptist Church and other Sherman residents, Williams and Smith spent the afternoon loading a trailer full of donated items to give to those in need.

"We have lots of toilet paper, lots of bath soap, shampoos, toothbrushes razors, sanitizers," Smith said.

Volunteers stuffed and crammed 366 coats into boxes and bags. 69 hats and dozens of blankets were donated as well.

"There's great joy in our hearts and here for us as a staff at Fairview. We're very excited to see the people rise up and you know donate in such a short amount of time," House said.

"It makes me feel really good because I know that there's lots of people that are having tough times financially in this day and time. It makes, it's a good feeling to know that people really want to help other people in need even though it may be sacrificing to do so," Smith said.

The two are leaving early Thursday morning to head to the Northeast. We've posted links below if you'd like to donate to those effected by Superstorm Sandy.

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