Woman dead, boyfriend arrested in fatal Denison accident

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SHERMAN, TX -- The family of a woman, critically injured in a car accident over the weekend was forced to make a devastating choice Sunday. Monday, they spoke to our own Victoria Maranan about the tragedy, the same day that the man accused of causing the accident was booked into jail.

On Friday night, Denison Police said Betty Ann Robison was standing up on a moving vehicle driven by her boyfriend, Eric Pendleton when they say she fell off the sunroof onto the pavement suffering life threatening head injuries. Sunday, she was pronounced dead at a Plano hospital. Monday, Pendleton was arrested on murder charges. Now, Robison's daughter speaks out about how she hopes her mother will be remembered.

"We loved our mom," she said. "It still doesn't seem real even though I was there with her, we just keep thinking we're gonna wake up and it was a dream."

Ariel Sheets and her sister, Ali Gregory, said when doctors told them that their mother, 42-year-old Betty Ann Robison, had no chance of surviving her injuries, they had to make the most difficult and traumatic decision of their lives: allowing Robison to be removed from life support just before 7 p.m. Sunday.

Sheets stayed by her mother's side until her last breath.

"I put my hand on her head and I told her that it was okay, she doesn't have to fight anymore. It's okay to let go. She took her last breath, her heartbeat slowly just dropped until it stopped and then they made me leave," she said.

Around 9:45 Friday night, Denison Police said Robison fell off a moving vehicle near Ansley Lane and Holly Drive. She was taken to TMC then flown to Plano Medical Center with massive head injuries, where she died two days later.

The alleged driver and Robison's boyfriend, Eric Wayne Pendleton, was arrested for murder, intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle and DWI.

Sheets said Pendleton should be jailed.

"He took a life and he made the decision to get behind the wheel drunk and those are the consequences he has to deal with. Just like we have to deal with the consequences that my mom decided to get in the vehicle with someone who was intoxicated," she said.

Sheets said she takes comfort in the fact that even in death, her mother will be helping others.

"Mom was an organ donor, anything mom can do to help someone else, she's always the first person. If she could do it, she'd be there in a heartbeat," she said.

Denison Police are still investigating the accident. A memorial fund has been set up for Betty Ann Robison. Her funeral will be Thursday at Fairview Baptist Church.

Pendleton is being held in the Grayson County Jail on $170,000 bond.