Sherman's downtown Braum's closes for good

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SHERMAN, TX - Braum's on North Travis Street in Sherman closed its doors for good Sunday night, despite customers who tried to keep it open--dozens gathered before closing time to enjoy one last ice cream, and they shared some of their memories there with News 12.

Dozens showed up at Sherman's downtown Braum's for one last ice cream, burger, or as Jim Barnes says, one last hoorah before the store closes for good, "I'm part of a thing I'm going to call the last hoorah. This store is been here for 37 years and it's being closed down. It's kind of a landmark for Sherman."

A Facebook group was created and hundreds signed a petition, but it wasn't enough to keep the Braum's open.

Mickie Martin has been talking to a spokesperson for Braum's Corporate, "She said that the store is outdated and unfortunately all our efforts are in vain, and that they will be closing down this store."

Martin says Sunday, instead of trying to keep it open, the group gathered to say "goodbye," and "thank you" to the employees of store #92, and enjoy one last visit together.

While some local children are just making memories here, one woman is remembering memories made before she was even born. She told News 12 her parents picked her name in May of 1980 while eating at the Sherman landmark.

Residents who live nearby say they're going to miss having a convenient place to eat and buy groceries.

"We drop over here and help ourselves to not only the sweet things, but also the groceries," said Jean Davidchik who says she lives right nearby the Braum's.

"This is the location that everyone walks to, old people who don't like to drive come here and shop for their groceries, people from the theater, the Sherman Symphony, law firms, and people doing jury duty, they all walk over here and have lunch, have ice cream, have dinner. It's the "walkable" Braum's and it's really one of the hearts of Sherman's downtown," said Susan McGinn, one of the organizers for the last get together.

News 12 has made multiple attempts to contact Braum's Corporate, they have not responded.

Many customers say they'll start going to the new Braum's location on U.S. 75, but it won't feel quite like home.

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