Shots fired in Pontotoc County

ADA, OK-- The Pontotoc County sheriffs office responded to a call of shots fired just after midnight last night.

23-year-old Stephen Schmidt's wife told deputies that he stated he was going to kill her. He then put a gun in her face. He had taken the gun from a friends truck.

When she tried to leave he started firing rounds from the handgun into the ground.

When officers arrived Schmidt had taken off... Presumably to hide the weapon.

"He eventually did give his self up but would not disclose where the location of the firearm was," Sheriff John Christian said, "This was a large area that he travelled across from the point he left the residence to being picked up by deputies later that evening."

Schmidt is booked in the jail under charges of burglary of an auto, felony pointing of a firearm, knowingly concealing stolen property and reckless discharge of a firearm.

He currently has no bond and will be in court on September third.