Simulator helps TAPS Public Transit drivers

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SHERMAN, TX -- TAPS Public Transit is showing off their new driving simulator, which was installed this week at their headquarters in Sherman.

It allows their drivers the chance to develop avoidance skills and learn how to navigate around dangerous situations.

"It's so specific that the trainer can get into a separate vehicle and drive alongside the bus," says TAPS CEO, Brad Underwood.

The trainer can also simulate weather, tailgating, accidents, dusk, they can load virtually any scenario.

And it has the exact same panels and controls as the TAPS buses.

The simulator, which is an actual bus that has been cut up and reconfigured, will be used for on-boarding, interview processes, and on-going training.

Anything to make sure their drivers are constantly improving.

And virtual training for those dangerous scenarios:
"Vehicle failures, traffic maneuvers, like the lane crossover," says Josh Walker with TAPS, helps bus drivers avoid them in reality.

TAPS officials tell News 12 that citizens, local school districts, and fire stations will be able to use the simulator soon.

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