Small Business Week highlights importance of local companies

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DENISON, TX -- Chrissie Bennett and Monica Miles met in college, where they decided to start a business.

And last week, the owners of Big T'z on main street opened their doors after almost a year of work.

"it was slow, because this is our first time owning a business. And we didn't know all the little things you had to do to own a business and how much time it would really take," Bennett said.

They're the type of entrepreneurs National Small Business Week looks to commemorate.

"Everybody from Denison is like 'yeah we just walked down the street.' And it's more local, you get to have a better relationship," Bennett said.

Andy Popplewell, owner of BlueMoon Antiques, agrees local businesses are much more personal.

"And it just really gives the customers an opportunity to interact with someone else local," Popplewell said.

Popplewell said local businesses help grow the local economy.

"Small businesses have a lot of character compared to big box retailers, which can seem pretty vanilla," he said.

And another advantage - flexibility on summer hours, like staying open until 7 p.m. on Fridays.

Popplewell said downtown business owners work together like a family.

"The competition that's here is super healthy, and everyone is really friendly to each other," he said.

At Big T'z, they say the excitement of the first week far outweighs the uphill battle behind the scenes.

"But we wanted to show everybody that you can do anything you can set your mind to," Bennett said.