Small businesses try to compete in Black Friday

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"It's buy one get one free," said a salesperson to a shopper.

Deals like that are what Black Friday shoppers hope to find in big box stores. But some shoppers are discovering them elsewhere.

While home town stores participate in small business Saturday, some still want a piece of the retail pie on Black Friday. Danielle Voigt manages Greenhouse, a local clothing and vintage store, and said shoppers are emptying the shelves.

"This is our third Black Friday that we're doing and it still stays--there's a consistent flow of people and it's encouraging," Voigt said.

Their flow of customers isn't the only thing that's encouraging. Voigt said combined sales for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are typically 40 percent higher than any other day of the year.

The reason behind their success could be because shoppers prefer the atmosphere.

"One of the main reasons I don't ever go to big stores on Black Friday is because they seem so busy and people just get so crazy and I think that's part of the reason I wanted to come here," said shopper Paige Kriet.

Voigt said she can't compete with the low prices at big retailers, but that's not her goal.

"We're not really in competition with Walmart or any particular place like that," she said. "We're our own entity."

For shoppers -- small businesses offer something else.

"We know everybody here and everybody's really nice," said Kriet. "We know people who work here."

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