Snow causes increase in Grayson County Shelter residents

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DENISON, TX -- With cold and heavy snow in Texoma, the Grayson County Shelter is getting more calls than usual.

Residents we talked to say they're thankful they can watch the snow fall from the warmth of their rooms.

But the Shelter only has a few rooms left. And as the snow keeps falling, so do the chances of finding a room.

Volunteer Annette Limoges said they only have one family room left.

"We usually get 3 or 4 calls a day. And I've done that this morning," she said.

There's a handful of rooms left for single people, but Limoges expects them to fill by the end of the day.

Resident Kristy Foster said she's happy to be safe and warm.

"Right now it's snowing, so I'm going like, 'I'd rather be here than anywhere else,'" she said.

And residents got a special surprise today. Santa Claus - along with members of the community - showed up to make this white Christmas even merrier.

Volunteers brought a big Christmas feast to residents. And they've had an outpouring of donations, Limoges said.

"Today I got a whole box of candy-cane coco mixes, that someone had made and brought in for our residents," she said.

Michael Wright and Brianna Farmer were excited to see Santa.

"I got two Nerf guns," Wright said.

Farmer said she got a bike.

And both kids were looking forward to snow.

"I'll do a snowman, and throw snow, and snow angels," Farmer said.

Foster said the camaraderie makes the holidays better.

"For a while I was dreading it, but as time went on I was happy to be around these ladies and some of the guys here," she said. "And the staff are wonderful."

And it's the camaraderie and thankfulness that kept spirits high today.

"The problems that we have to face everyday, it keeps them down," she said. "Just having a little fun all the time."

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