South Korean company bringing new jobs to Denison

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DENISON, TEXAS -- Visionary Industrial Insulation is a cutting-edge company that makes energy-efficient insulation.

They've been shipping their products to North America from South Korea, but they say it's time they get "made in the USA" stamped on their products. And for that, they're choosing Denison.

Visionary Industrial Insulation CEO Chang Jang was a chemical engineer in South Korea, where the product his company is built on, was created.

"South Korea is a country that doesn't have any natural resources and they need to be very efficient energy wise," Jang said.

Jang says South Korean oil rigs use this insulation for a more energy-efficient way to produce gas.

Jang and his colleagues now sell the insulation to North American refineries, which is why they want to set up shop in the US.

The factory is being built at 1415 West Johnson Road in Denison.

Jang says they'll start with just 30 employees, but the workforce should grow to 100 to 150 plus.

"We are planning to bring in all the machines and technologies in the middle of September," Jang said.

Their main reason for choosing Denison: it's much easier to transport products to North America when you're on the continent, instead of half a world away in South Korea.

"Transportation between countries. It doesn't make any sense," Jang said.

Jang says, not only will their factory grow here in Denison, he says they're going to start putting their insulation in homes and start selling the technology internationally.

"We are planning to sell our technology to South America," Jang said.

Jang's co-owner says they just landed one of their coolest customers yet.

"We just sent three containers of material to Newport News Shipyards in Virginia that's going on America's newest aircraft carrier, that's the USS Gerald Ford. My goal is to be there when they launch that ship," Visionary Industrial Insulation COO Ross Rolirad said.

Jang says their building in Denison will be 40,000 square feet, but they can expand to about 100,000 square feet.

Jang says he sees energy saving insulation as a way of the future for energy and natural resources and they're excited to bring that innovation to Denison.

In Denison, Allison Harris, First News.

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