Spring allergies bothering Texomans

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SHERMAN, TX -- After a harsh winter allergy season is now upon us.
Pollen from blooming trees and flowers is making symptoms flare across the nation and here in Texoma. Kristen Shanahan caught up with an allergist and people suffering with the coughing,sneezing and sniffling that can make this time of year just plain miserable.

"The wind and the blossoms are really struggling on my family," Debbie Mims said.

"Watery eyes and all stuffy. It seems like it may be the weather," Charles Bayhem said.

Dr. Vern Laing, an allergist and immunologist in Sherman says allergy symptoms vary, but many sufferers feel the effects of what is commonly known as Hay Fever.

"The patient will complain of a running nose, a stuffy nose and almost invariably an itching, you call it the bunny nose, their constantly trying to itch their nose, " Dr. Laing said.

He says symptoms can be even harder on those who have asthma.

"Asthma commonly follows uncontrolled Hay Fever, or if you will, people that have Hay Fever and choose to live with it, the thing that's likely to happen is that they'll begin to have shortness of breath and weezing," Dr. Laing said.

Debbie Mims says her daughters and granddaughter have asthma that is triggered by their allergies.

"The more wind that blows and we've really had wind and they struggle, and they talk about having an elephant on their chest," Mims said.

Dr. Laing says if you have allergies caused by pollen to follow this advice.

"Your air conditioned air is fundamentally devoid of pollen so always have the air conditioning on in your car, get out of the element as quickly as you can to your office, to your home," Dr. Laing said.

Some other recommendations, wearing sunglasses to keep pollen out of your eyes and showering every night to wash all the pollen off your skin and hair.

Dr. laing says if over the counter drugs do not seem to ease your symptoms to make an appointment to see an allergist.