State, county fire marshals investigate fatal Tom Bean fire

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TOM BEAN, TX - The State Fire Marshal was in Tom Bean Monday morning, assisting Grayson County fire marshals in the investigation of Sunday's fatal fire.

Fire marshals are investigating--looking for clues as to what started the fire that claimed 71 year old Jeannie Sowell's life on Sunday.

"It's gonna be kind of hard on this fire, it's such a complete loss," said Grayson County Assistant fire marshal David Gallagher. He says the house fire broke out on Whispering Oaks Road in Tom Bean around 11 a.m.

News 12 asked Gallagher if the fire looks suspicious at all, "Not as of right now, but we just want to make sure we cover all our bases and be able to rule out everything," he said.

Even though officials say this fire doesn't appear to be suspicious, any time in Texas a fire involves a fatality, the State Fire Marshal comes out to investigate.

"If there's been any electrical issues in the house, if anyone smoked, we just want to be able to rule out anything and every possible cause," said Gallagher.

Tom Bean Fire and the Grayson County Sheriff's Office were also on the scene Monday for the investigation.

A neighbor, who doesn't wish to be identified, tells us he'd never seen a fire this big, "I saw the flames whenever I went by the drive way, the flames were very high and intense."

We're told the woman's son owned the house, and a witness says he suffered minor injuries while trying to save her.

Gallagher says this is an ongoing investigation, and they hope to have it wrapped up within a two days.