Stephens County fire involves four structures

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STEPHENS COUNTY, OK - Fire engines filled the front lawn of Dottie WIlliams' home late Wednesday afternoon. Earlier in the day she was visiting her mother until a neighbor called her, warning her about the fire spreading behind her home.

"And they told me what was going on and I said I'll be going right there," said Williams."I was nervous."

The fire reached a neighbor's property behind Williams' home. On it were a few unoccupied metal barns. Velma's Assistant Fire Chief Cody Ketchum said the flames burned four of these structures.

"As soon as we got here we found out there was some structures involved," said Ketchum. "The grass fire was moving fast and there was no way to shut it down."

Soon help came from other fire departments in Ratfliff City, Duncan, and Comanche among others. While the burned acreage is not yet known, Ketchum estimates the fire to be about a square mile in size, that moved north from Weaver Chapel Hill Road toward the Duncan area.

Ketchum's mission is to keep the fire out for good.

"We have a dozer on the way from the county, and they're going to come through there and make a fire break for us so we can put it out and make sure it doesn't flare back up again," said Ketchum.

Even though the fire is now contained, Williams is still nervous.

"I'm still concerned about it because it's smouldering," she said.