Investigation continues into Love Co. murders

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LOVE COUNTY, OK -- It has been nearly three days since two Love County residents were found dead on their property and still no suspects have been named in their deaths. Kristen Shanahan was in Love County Monday. She spoke with the Sheriff and one of the men who discovered the bodies.

"Just made me sick to my stomach. Just completely," Dale Vernon said.

That is how Dale Vernon says he felt when he found his friends, 78-year-old Thomas "Sunny" Culwell and 80-year-old Marion Culwell dead on their property Friday night. Vernon has been hunting on the Culwell's land -- nearly 1,000 acres of property -- almost every day for the past 55 years. He says he was hunting Friday night when he got a call from Marion's son.

"Five minutes after 10 Billy called and asked me if i'd seen is mom and uncle down in the bottom, and I said no were they down there? He said well they went to patch the fence about 2 o'clock and they never came in, and they always got back before dark," Vernon said.

Vernon says when he and his hunting partner pulled up near the fence he found the Culwell's truck and their bodies.

"Got out of the pick up and walked on by "Sunny" because I knew he was gone, and she was laying face down on the ground and I walked over to her and stuck my hand to her back and she was ice cold," Vernon said.

Monday, OSBI agents and the Love County Sheriffs Office went back to the 3200 block of Pompa Horse Lane to search the area where the siblings were found.

"Pretty much we've ruled out that it wasn't an accident," Sheriff Russell said.

Love County Sheriff Joe Russell says no arrests have been made in the Culwell's deaths. Investigators say they are still conducting interviews.

"We got several ideas of who we need to check and look at. We're looking at several people," Sheriff Russell said.

Sheriff Russell was also friends with the Culwells. Both he and Vernon hope anyone with information about the crime will come forward.

"You never know when some little bitty piece of evidence might be the main piece of the puzzle," Sheriff Russell said.

"I'm hoping to see them get whoever it is and do away with them," Vernon said.

If you have any information about the Culwell's deaths you are urged to call the Love County Sheriffs Office or the OSBI.