Southern Oklahoma storm shelter sales on the rise

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ARDMORE, OK - After the destruction that devastated Moore, Oklahoma in May of last year, storm shelter owner Chris McMurry said they're a must.

"If you think you're in the safest part of your house that still can be iffy," said McMurry. "So we just feel a lot more comfortable."

McMurry had his shelter installed three weeks ago. He's just one of many people who have accounted for the spike in business that's taken Deerebuilt by storm.

"This time last year there was very little interest. And after the tornado hit in Moore suddenly everybody needed a storm shelter," said Marty Currier, the operations manager at Deerebuilt manufacturing in Ardmore

He said those massive storms were the spark for a 100 percent increase in storm shelter orders.

Currier says the 15 square foot size is the most common, while the smallest version they make costs about $2,500 dollars. He said anyone looking to buy a shelter should look for one made to FEMA standards.

Currier explained why he believes having access to a storm shelter is vital.

"You don't want to be in that closet thinking, "oh I hope it's not an F5, I hope it's not an F5.' You need to be prepared."

And McMurry agreed.

"It's something everyone would like to do and I felt it was very necessary for our family."