Storms, power outage lead to cloudy water in Tishomingo

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Tishomingo residents said the water has taken on a new look.

"Dark, kind of brownish colored," said Kellie Cagle, a Tishomingo resident, who noticed the clouded water Wednesday when she turned on her tap. While it was darker then she still doesn't trust it.

"Oh my goodness it just looks nasty," said Cagle. "I don't know it just didn't look safe to drink."

Which is why Cagle and her family are boiling the water before using it for anything. But Tishomingo city manager Jack Yates said the water is perfectly safe.

"Because we run tests of the water and we still chlorinate the water just as we always do," said Yates.

The discoloration started when Monday's storms raised the level of the creek that supplies water to Tishomingo, which in turn increased the amount of sand and mud where the city draws the water. Then the power went out from 8 p.m. Monday night until noon on Tuesday so the water plant had to play catch up to filter the water.

"They ran it through twice and as murky as it was coming into the plant we weren't able to get everything out of it," Yates said.

Yates said more filtration at that point could have led to a larger problem.

"We could've continued to run it through the filters, but by doing that we could've and would've ran out of water," Yates said.

With the water she does have Cagle is still taking caution.

"We just have to boil it and watch what we do with it because we don't want to get sick," Cagle said.