Students recognized at "Young at Art" competition

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DENISON, TX-Student artists in Denison were recognized Saturday morning for the 10th annual "Young at Art" competition.
Dozens of art students in Denison ISD were awarded for their artworks displayed at the lobby of the Chase Bank on Main Street.
Over 600 pieces were judged on originality, creativity and detail and were separated in three categories: 2D, 3D and textile.
The Oliver Dewey Mayor Foundation award was also presented for the first time, which was awarded to Denison High School student, Hong Ling Zhou.

"When I received this, oh my gosh, I'm so excited, oh my gosh. I will not forget it today. I will not forget it forever," she said.

The artworks will be on display at the Chase lobby until May 25th.

Young at Art Winners 2012
Two Dimensional

K & Pre K
1. Rachel Metcalf (St. Lukes)
2. Inaya Traylor (Lamar)
3. Brittany Sanchez (Golden Rule)
Honorable Mention
Bryten Criswell (Golden Rule)
Josie Ford (Golden Rule)

First Grade
1. Carter Montgomery (St. Lukes)
2. Faith Mendez (Terrell)
3. Christopher Miller (Lamar)
Honorable Mention
Jen Martinez (Mayes)
Joshua Slagle (Layne)

Second Grade
1. Trianti Porch (Terrell)
2. R.D. Patterson (Terrell)
3. Grace Simons (St. Lukes)
Honorable Mention
Kierston Scott (Houston)
Lillie Baxter (Golden Rule)

Third Grade
1. Jesse Gordon (Hyde Park)
2. Jessica Anderson (Hyde Park)
3. Stephanie Galvan (Mayes)
Honorable Mention
Brinlee Duree (Houston)
Andy Magouirk (Lamar)

Fourth Grade
1. Kendalyn Reding (Houston)
2. Jackie Delgado (Lamar)
3. Regan McClure (Terrell)

Honorable Mention
Allyah Jackson (Lamar)
Zandar Ramey (Hyde Park)

Fifth Grade
1. Adriana Brown (Lamar)
2. Bryan Parnell (Hyde Park)
3. Mary Ann Moody (St. Lukes)
Honorable Mention
Ajelique Sanders (Terrell)
Madison Deen (Hyde Park)

Sixth Grade
1. John Bradley Wallace (B McDaniel)
2. Marlene Ugalde (B McDaniel)
3. Rochelle Hyland (B McDaniel)
Honorable Mentions
Dakota Deweber (B McDaniel)
Zakkary Melton (B McDaniel)

Seventh Grade
1. Parker Schilli (Home School)
2. Kilee Boldra (B McDaniel)
3. Noah Burden (B McDaniel)
Honorable Mention
Mark Allen (B McDaniel)
Naylan Tew (B McDaniel)

Eighth Grade
1. Salen Srader (B McDaniel)
2. Grayson Hilleman (B McDaniel)
3. Austin Burnett (B McDaniel)
Honorable Mention
Jacob Deen (B McDaniel)
Makayla McLain (B McDaniel)

Ninth Grade
1. Rian Rose (Pathways)

Eleventh Grade
1. Taylor Holley (DHS)
2. Katie Jane Brashier (DHS)
3. Clay Johnson (DHS)
Honorable Mention
Kyle Robinson (DHS)

Twelfth Grade
1. Hong Ling Zhou (DHS)
2. Destiny Miller (DHS)
3. Stormy Anderson (DHS)

1. Laith Burham (Hyde Park)
2. Joslyn Keel (Hyde Park)
3. Emily Jordan (Lamar)
Honorable Mention
Caitlyn Stowers (Lamar)
Hailee Blasingame (Hyde park)
Three Dimensional

K- Second Grade
1. Jonathan Cox (St. Lukes)
2. Christa Powers (Golden Rules)
3. Daiminie Harper (Terrell)
Honorable Mention
Jakkerrion Medford (Golden Rule)
Axton Grams (Mays)

Third- Fifth Grade
1. Katlyn Sutton Bolton (Lamar)
2. Cambri Hancock (Hyde Park)
3. Elizabeth Millan (Terrell)
Honorable Mention
Aja Waddles (Houston)
Deannna Jackson (Lamar)

Sixth-Eighth Grade
1. Landon Schilli (Home School)
2. Audrey Altnether (B McDaniel)
3. Karlie Flowers (B Mc Daniel)

Ninth- Twelfth Grade
1. Beth Hanson (DHS)
2. Austin Duval (DHS)

Chase Bank Award
Melissa Flores (Golden Rule)

Most Creative (Mary Margaret McGowan Award)
Natalie Ellis (Layne)

Best of Show
K-fifth Grade
Kathlyn Sutton- Bolton (Lamar)

Sixth-Twelfth Grade
Parker Schilli (Home School)

Oliver Dewey Mayor Foundation Award
Hong Ling Zhou