Sulphur aims to revitalize downtown

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As the Chickasaw-sponsored Artesian hotel nears completion, residents are getting ready for a rebirth of their town.

"The revitalization of Sulphur is really pretty amazing," said Kent Dakour, a Sulphur resident. His family has owned a downtown building for 100 years, and while he isn't selling he is excited to see more in Sulphur.

"We're just glad that it's going to be really neat to live here and have a lot of new places to check out," said Dakour.

Besides The Artesian, other places to check out will be the Gateway Park, the Chickasaw Art Gallery and the Chickasaw Information Center. All of these triabal projects will open in late April. According to Phyllis Myers-- the program manager for Sulphur Main Street--the economy has already responded.

"Sulphur has had six new businesses come to town," said Myers.

And they anticipate more as Sulphur starts it's Streetscape project. Within the next month the city will start replacing trees with new ones, planting flowers and putting up new street signs.There's no word yet on the cost, but Myers said there's funding set aside.

"The city is working on their budget," said Myers. "And we do have some money I understand in the streets that we can use."

That means those in Sulphur can look forward to a new view.

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