Fire destroys one Sulphur home and heavily damages another

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SULPHUR, OK -- One Sulphur home is destroyed and another is heavily damaged after they caught fire early Sunday morning.

"It's hard, but we get through it. It makes us stronger."

Patricia Harper and her son are without a home after flames tore through half of their house early Sunday morning, leaving behind rubble and heavy smoke damage.

But their home wasn't the only one that fell victim to fire.

Harper says around 1:30, the home next door on Wapanucka Ave. also went up in flames.

"My son said 'mom the house behind us is on fire, it's engulfed. Call 911!' So I went in and called 911 and said please hurry and I could see the glow from my bedroom window facing this house."

Harper says she knew from experience, they needed to act fast.

"'Get in the house now! We need to grab all of our clothes and everything we can', because I've been through a fire before 8 years ago and we lost everything."

Just moments later, Harper says the flames spread to her home.

Joseph Ford lives across the street and witnessed the scene.

"After a while the wind started to push the fire towards that house," Ford said.

Harper says she was able to save clothes, pictures, and a few other keepsakes.

Harper added, "and the quilts they got from their great-grandmother- last thing she made for them before she died, they were all saved and I thank God for it."

Harper says her home is not completely destroyed, but firefighters say the home next door is a total loss.

Ford says the family had just recently moved in.

According to Ford, "remodeling it, putting in new flooring, and re-structuring the entire house and then about a week ago, they decided to finally move in and moved all of their possessions in there."

Sulphur Firefighters say they are investigating the cause of the blaze.

In the meantime, Harper says she will be finding a new place to stay.

Harper says, "God's with me and He will bless me well. He always has." and says she's most thankful that no one was hurt.

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