TAPS unveils new expanded Viking Route

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DENISON, TEXAS -- Getting around is not something Grayson College student Lucasse Pambou takes for granted.

He's come all the way from Africa to get an education, and since his car broke down, he's relying on TAPS.

"I have my car but right now my car is in the shop," Pambou said.

Many of Pambou's international friends at the college don't have a car. For them, this free TAPS service is a path to a degree, and many students are taking full advantage.

"Last year we did a little over 60,000 trips on the Viking Route," TAPS CEO Brad Underwood said.

TAPS is expecting even more popularity with the new, expanded Viking Route unveiled today.

"It means that the community cares about people getting an education," Pambou said.

Underwood says the new route expands to North Denison and South Sherman and is the result of tracking where students were travelling.

"What if we were to draw a route that would just capture all of these students and individuals? We could get them there on time, quicker and hold more capacity," Underwood said.

Sherman councilman Ryan Johnson says better yet the new route could help increase the city's tax base.

"You know a lot of the stops along the route include businesses; downtown, Town Center, so I really think we'll see an economic impact from this established fixed route," Johnson said.

But above all else, Grayson College President Jeremy McMillen says TAPS is helping drive his students toward a degree.

"This is very important for those students to be able to be successful," McMillen said.

"It's something to really appreciate," Pambou said.

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