Sherman could soon become a multi-county resource center

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SHERMAN, TX - The Texoma Council of Governments in Sherman could soon become a Regional Aging Resource Center for several counties.

The Texoma Council of Governments has applied for a major grant in hopes of making Texoma the home of a new Aging and Disability Resource Center.

It would help individuals from 12 counties access a number of services under one roof.

"It bridges the gap for individuals who have to go from one service to another and it streamlines the efficiency so these individuals can just go to one access," said Karen Bray, aging services department director.

T.C.O.G. provides services to seniors who are 60-years or older, individuals with disabilities and veterans.

Usually, to get those services they have to meet with several agencies and fill out lengthy forms for each service.

But if T.C.O.G. is selected to become the new regional aging and disability resource center that will change.

"This approach would streamline and make all of these programs efficient in that. It would be one area that they could come to access information to all these different services," said Bray.

Executive Director of T.C.O.G., Susan Thomas, said the grant application is all about making life easier for those they serve.

"So they're not being bounced from agency to agency, place to place, phone number to phone number. They can sit down and have somebody review all of those resources with them and get that done in one spot. That's a tremendous benefit to those folks," said Thomas.

T.C.O.G. is competing with the Ark-Tex Council of Governments for the grant.

But only one agency will be selected to be the lead agency for the Aging and Disability Resource Center.

T.C.O.G. will be notified by early August if they are selected.

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