TCOG's 'Partners in Education' stresses importance of family history

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The Texoma Council of Governments offered tips for preserving family history today.

TCOG's 'Partners in Education' program presented "Packing Grandma's Trunk," a lecture on the importance of family legacy.

Sherry Little, executive director of Grayson County Home Hospice, led the presentation. Little brought along her own family memorabilia to stress her point.

"Life review is very important," she said. "We all want to feel as though our life had value."

During the presentation, audience members picked up objects that brought up strong feelings and shared the memories behind the objects with the group.

Little told the audience that it's never too late to start recording their own history. She stressed that everyone has interesting stories and life-lessons to pass on to future generations.

"Reminiscence and making meaning of our life is an important part of activities that we undertake as we begin to realize - as I have - that there is less to go than I've already lived," she said.

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