TMC bringing new jobs, services with expansion to 7th floor

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DENISON, TX -- Texoma Medical Center plans to open a new wing on the seventh floor by the end of the year, hospital officials announced Wednesday.

Officials say the need for expansion comes from an increase in demand they've seen since opening the new hospital in 2009.

"We've actually grown about 22 percent year over year with deliveries. As a result of that we need more beds for the pediatric patients as they get older," said CEO Ron Seal.

The hospital plans to add 38 beds on the floor. It'll be part pediatric unit and part medical surgical patient rooms.

"We're extremely blessed that we're not only able to add services, but we're also adding beds and specialty care to our facility," he said.

The expansion will add 100 new jobs.

Mayor Jared Johnson said the city already sees a direct impact from the hospital - which he said will only continue to grow.

"It's important as we look to recruit other businesses, we want to make sure that we tout that we have great health care for their employees, so as they come into the region their employees will have good health care."

Seal said they're also seeing more patients come from as far away as Paris and Ada.

"Our focus is on quality first. And then we're gonna follow that by additional growth," he said.

But in the mean time he said they're at full capacity.

"We need the beds, so we've talked to all the contractors, said you gotta get us in quickly, so they're gonna work extra time and we should be in by mid-December," he said.

After they complete the 7th floor, they'll start construction on the 8th floor, Seal said.

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