Tax free weekend helps small businesses

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ARDMORE, OK - Danielle Voigt manages Boutique Bella, a clothing store in downtown Ardmore. So far, tax free weekend has been good to her.

"We've had consistent, steady flow of traffic through here and I feel like we've done well for tax free weekend," she said.

The sales numbers aren't in yet, but she said clothes are flying off the shelves.

"I hope that they get more bang for their buck," said Voigt."Taxes do add up."

During tax free weekend a sales tax isn't charged on articles of clothing or shoes under $100. That's according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

However accessories, and clothing and shoes used for protective wear or athletic activity are not exempt.

But shoppers like Jacob Oaks agree saving something is better than nothing.

"A discount is a discount, that's the way I look at it," said Oaks. "Anywhere you can save money, you can save money."

All retailers are required to participate in the sales tax holiday, including small businesses like Voigt's. And she hopes that will encourage people to shop local.

"It really is important just because like I said it goes back into the community, and we all kind of help each other out," Voigt said.

Oklahoma's tax free weekend will end Sunday at midnight.

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