SISD Technology Camp teaches students the past and present

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SHERMAN, TX-- For over a decade, Beth Weeks, the Sherman ISD Campus Technology Specialist has been incorporating education with technology.

"We are allowing the kids use technology and we are learning about some things in science, like this week we are learning about dinosaurs and we are tying it all together to where they are using technology to create projects, to learn about dinosaurs and have fun."

Sherman ISD is having their annual technology camp. It's open to any student who can use a mouse, they have 4 year olds to 14 year olds.

Over 50 kids are enrolled in this camp and over half the students are returning. One 7th grader, Kaytlyn Hensley, said it's the technology that keeps bringing her back.

"I love seeing how many things people can come up with. Like some of the apps they have now-a-days, like that saying there's an app for that.'"

4th grader, Jake Reynolds, said he likes learning about computers, but his favorite part is learning about the dinosaurs.

"This week, we are learning about dinosaurs, and what different types of dinosaurs, and dinosaurs.

Weeks said the students enrolled get a head start compared to their peers and it helps prepare them for their futures.

"And of course, they get on up and start in the workforce, there going to need those tools, to use a computer to do their jobs, if their in college, they will use their computers to do research and their library skills and all those things."