Technology playing a role in recovering job market

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SHERMAN, TX - Experts say the economy is slowly showing signs of improvement, and technology is playing an important role in the job market.

Texoma Workforce Solutions tells us manufacturing jobs are on the rise but the requirements are changing.
Almost all of these positions demand some sort of technology back ground.
Job Seekers need to be prepared with basic computer skills and a willingness to learn new things.

"Technology is the future, everything is driven by technology these days." said Janie Bates.

Texoma Workforce Executive Director, Janie Bates, says manufacturing jobs are on the rise, but she says the necessary job skills are changing.

"Manufacturing is not what it used to be, manufacturing is a high tech industry in most cases and when you look at our local industries they have a lot of high tech jobs." said Bates.

Bates says almost every manufacturing job posting they have is requiring technology experience and computer skills.

"Technology is everywhere, in every sector, so even though a job may be listed as a manufacturing job and not a technology job, it really could still be a technology job." Bates said.

"That's one reason why I got into technology, because it'll be here forever." said Josh Meek.

Local entrepreneur, Josh Meek, says he knows the value of technology since he's been running his own business for almost 3 years.
He says he'll never let the state of the economy hold him back.

"There are still services, there are still products that need to be put in front of people and services that can be met." Meek said.

Rush Intel in Sherman has a number of technology services, from maintaining servers for companies, to laptop and iPhone repair, and web design.

"If you can find that niche and it's something you're passionate about, if you can find with that combination, whether the economy is down or whether the economy is up, you can definitely make it succeed, you've just got to get in there and work at it." Meek said.

Bates says every job seeker should embrace technology to be more competitive in the market.

"One of the key things is to always be open to learning new things." Bates said.

Texoma Workforce Solutions can help with learning some basic computer skills, and Rush Intel also holds basic computer skill classes on Saturdays.
For more information call 903-813-1111

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