Teen driver study released

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OKLAHOMA-- Car crashes are the number one cause of death among teens.

A study released, Wednesday, shows when the number of teen passengers in the car with a teen driver goes up, so does their chance of being involved in a fatal wreck.

When a teen gets behind the wheel, they don't have much experience behind them.

"If you have a teen that has been driving for 6 months that's all the experience they have to go from," Trooper Darian Galloway, said.

Statistics show, distractions like cell phones and radios increase teens chances of being involved in a fatal crash.

"They haven't learned or become disciplined to leave those things alone or pull over before they use them."

Inexperience isn't the only danger. According to AAA, there's a strong correlation between accidents and the number of teen passengers in the car.

"You begin to talk about your day or school, Harry has broken up with Sally, you add that along with music."

AAA says, from 2005 to 2010 over 9,500 teens were involved in a deadly accident, nationwide.

42% of those teens drivers also had teen passengers.

"The more teens in the car the more distractions they have."AAA Travel Counselor, Vicki Quinby, said.

In light of National Teen Driver safety week, AA A is asking parents to step in and make some rules - like limiting how many teens can be in their car at a time.

"It would be a very good thing if parents would limit the driving until they have more experience and the time of driving," Quinby said.

"Get a detailed description of their child's itinerary, who's going to be with them, where they are going," Trooper Galloway, said.

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