Texas A&M-Commerce's mid-field logo is Texas sized

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COMMERCE, Texas - It's a time of new beginning for Texas A&M-Commerce football where they've got a new athletic director, head coach and a new field that's getting national attention.

A Texas-sized lion logo now stretches from 25-yard line to 25-yard line at Texas A&M-Commerce and the turf isn't even completed.

"It really has a positive buzz and there's certainly those fields out there that are unique that didn't get that positive feedback, but from almost everything we've seen people really enjoy it." said Assistant Athletic Director of External Affairs Josh Jorgenson.

AstroTurf, the company installing the turf, put a live stream of the installation process online that caused the field to get attention before the university was prepared to unveil it to the public.

Head football coach Colby Carthel says he's excited to start playing on the new surface.

"I'm really pumped about it and just anxious to get out there practicing and get to winning games."

Carthel says he hopes the hype will help with recruiting.

"Well I think it really helps to put us on the map." said Carthel. "We've got some great tradition here; 24-time conference champion, but it's an arms race these days and Texas A&M Commerce is stepping up to the plate."

Original plans called for blue turf, but was quickly dismissed due to Boise State University's trademark. Jorgenson says everyone gravitated to the idea and thought it could be something special.

"You hate to pass up on those easy things that you can do to really get national attention and this was one of them." said Jorgenson. "We thought we'll go for it and see what happens."

The university plans to reach out to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if it's the largest logo in the world.

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