Texas Attorney General speaks at Paris Junior College

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PARIS, TX-- Texas Attorney General, and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Greg Abbott made a stop in Paris Thursday.

We sat down with him to hear what he thinks are key issues for Texans, and his goals if he wins the governor's race.

Over 100 people packed room 101 at Paris Junior College Thursday in support of Texas Attorney General, and Republican candidate for governor, Greg Abbott.

Abbott addressed the crowd, hitting on key issues he believes will keep Texas strong. After mingling with residents, Abbott sat down with us complimenting Paris' contribution to the Texas economy.

"Small towns like Paris are hugely important," said Abbott. "We saw what happened with the old Sara Lee company and the jobs that were kept here and that are growing here. It shows the work force especially with the college here it's providing people with so many skilled jobs."

If Abbott is elected as governor he sees education as a big challenge for Texas.

"I want to see Texas dramatically improve our schools and our education system," said Abbott. "My aspiration is to see Texas ranked number one in the nation for our schools."

Abbott has a four part education plan. The third phase, digital learning, was unveiled Thursday. It focuses on online learning and could even help communities like Paris.

"It shows how the internet is changing the way and the platform that we provide education to students. It gives them a greater flexibility."

Abbott says there are two keys to the state's continued success.

"Keep Texas number one in creating jobs and make Texas number one for education."

The event was put on by Paris Mayor A.J. Hashmi and the Lamar County Republican Party.