Texas firework stands open for day one of seasonal sales

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DENISON, TEXAS -- It's not the 4th of July without fireworks and it's people like John Arnold, who sell them, that make it possible.

"Well we've had a couple of customers come in. Still haven't sold anything yet, but we're fixin to," Arnold said.

Monday marks day one of firework sales in Texas that will continue through the 4th.

At Lazy J's and Little K's in Denison, they sell anything and everything, from chickens that blow a balloon, to artillery shells.

This year, Arnold is optimistic about sales, seeing as there's no burn bans and it's a longer holiday weekend with the 4th falling on a Thursday.

"Everything is good and green and I think it'll be a good one," Arnold said.

And a good holiday is a safe holiday, according to the Sherman Police Department.

Officers responded to 85 fireworks calls during the month of July last year.

"As soon as they start selling them, we start answering calls," Sgt. D.M. Hampton said.

The law says you can't have fireworks within city limits and disobeying that law could cost you a $137 dollar fine in Sherman.

"Just do your research, find out where you can legally be to shoot them off. Save yourself some money and potentially a fine and just don't use them inside the city limits, or don't have them," Hampton said.

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