Texas Comptroller visits Grayson County

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DENISON, TX--Grayson college hosted a lesson by the Texas State Comptoller, Thursday, on how to improve our local economy.

Susan Combs, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, met with public figures and business owners about the state and the county's financial situation.

It's part of a town hall meeting tour of 60 different counties. But at Grayson College this afternoon she talked about how to improve the efficiency of public education and community spending, as well as how to attract big business.

Combs said one of her goals while in office is to stop wasteful state government spending.

"People are interested in that and they want to know what they can do. They want to be proactive, instead of reactive," Combs explained.

Combs said there are plenty of ideas on the Comptroller's website about how to be proactive when it comes to economic growth and smart spending.