Texas schools could get larger class sizes

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DENISON, TEXAS -- Since 1984 the class size requirement for Texas elementary schools is no more than 22 students, but with nearly every school in the state struggling to balance the budget the Texas Education Agency has allowed schools to get class size waivers, which has many local parents concerned.

"If they make bigger classrooms I worry about whether or not they will get the attention that they need," said Mindy Ross, concerned parent.

Ross is a parent of three young children and is just one of the many who are against expanding class sizes.
She worries that it might impact her children's quality of education, which could affect their preparedness for college.
She thinks the state should find other things to cut and one school official agrees and says despite financial hardships his district is doing everything they can to keep class sizes small.

"To really get kids to learn at the level they need to learn, getting more than 22 students in the 1st grade, second and kindergarten is really to many to manage," said Dr. Henry Scott, Denison ISD superintendent.

Districts can apply for the waivers up to October 3rd.
Also in October, Denison school officials will decide whether or not they will join in a lawsuit against the state to ensure that schools get equal funding across Texas.

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