Texoma Christmas tree on display at Texas state capitol

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DENISON, TEXAS -- In just a matter of minutes, this hefty Virginia Pine is uprooted and on its way to Austin.

For the second year in a row, a Denison tree has the honor of being the Texas House of Representatives's Christmas tree.

"Who would've thought up here in the Denison area that we're going to come cut a Christmas tree and send it down to the House of Representatives?" Eisenhower State Park Superintendent Paul Kisel said.

Texas Parks and Wildlife workers gathered just before sunrise at Elves Christmas Tree Farm in Denison to do the honors.

"It's a tradition that's gone on for a long, long time with Parks and Wildlife providing the Christmas tree for the House of Representatives," Eisenhower State Park worker Richard Kellogg said.

In years past, the capitol shopped closer to home for a tree.

"We were actually taking the trees from Bastrop, around that area, to the capitol House," Kellogg said.

"With the fires that they had down at Bastrop State Park a year and a half ago, that resource and that opportunity's gone, and so last year we came up and we cut a tree up here for Representative Phillips to transfer down to the House of Representatives and we did the same thing this year," Kisel said.

These men agree that knowing this tree will be seen by thousands of Texans brings them a sense of pride.

"It's something that they're taking from, you know, part of the state that's not the Austin area, so it kind of brings a little bit of all of Texas together," Kellogg said.

"It's definitely a feel-good moment," Kisel said.

The tree will remain on display in the House during the holiday season.

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