Texoma Regional Blood Center's new blood mobile

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SHERMAN, TX -- The Texoma Regional Blood Center got a new member Friday afternoon. One that they have been working to get for over 3 years. They officially showed off their new blood mobile Friday.

"This is monumental. I can't even explain. I mean we're so thankful that the foundations that were able to help us were able to give us the donations for us to be able to purchase a bus like this," said Texoma Regional Blood Center Executive Director, Stacy Braddock.

The Texoma Regional Blood Center has its brand new blood mobile. This new bus cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars to customize and outfit to the needs of the Blood Center.

"This will make sure that our donors can provide the blood and that our patients at our local area hospitals always have blood products when they need them," said Braddock.

The 5 bed bus was made possible by the Texoma Health Foundation, Smith Charitable Foundation, Dr. Pierce Memorial Foundation, Minnie Jones Charitable Trust, and Luella Kemper Charitable Trust. It is taller, wider, and more effective than the old bus.

"The screening rooms are a little bit larger, there's a little bit more seating room for the donors to come in and donate. It's just state of the art. It's a brand new bus," said Braddock.

It will allow the center to reach its daily blood goal, of about 50-75 units.

Last year, hey had to cancel a handful of drives in the summer because the old bus' generator broke down.

"If we cancel a drive, that means there's no blood coming in unless it comes through the blood center," said DeeDee Morehead, with the Texoma Regional Blood Center.

The old bus will not be put to bed quite yet. It will still be used to bring in even more donations.

Sherman mayor, Cary Wacker, is appreciative.

"We're very grateful for everyone in the region who works on behalf of patients needs and continues to bring this to the forefront for people to know about what we can do to take better care of people," said Wacker.

The new bus will be used daily and will be ready for next week's "Battle of the Badges Blood Drive" between the Sherman and Denison Police and Fire Departments.

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