Texoma man proposes over the radio

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OKLAHOMA - "You can have her on the air, I don't care. I want to know if she'll marry me," That was John Morgan calling KKAJ Wednesday morning, popping the question to his girlfriend, Stephanie Nixon over the air on KKAJ.

"I just wanted something she would remember," said John.

It's the culmination of a whirlwind romance that started recently. The couple says they met in person 7 days ago.

So DJ Jay Dee Cale dialed her up while John knew Stephanie was driving to his house listening to the radio.

"The whole time my stomach was turning because you never know what they're going to say," said Cale.

But he popped the big question anyways.

"John wants to know, will you marry him?" Cale said over the radio.

A question Stephanie had no idea was coming.

"I thought he was going to dedicate a song to me because we have our song," said Stephanie

But she got more than she bargained for and said yes.

"I'm pretty sure John knows I would marry him right now this minute if he wanted me to," she said on the air.

Cale's never seen a proposal quite like this.

"I've been a DJ for over 15 years, and I've never had that happen," Cale said. "That is a career first."

And John said the call was perfectly timed..

"Right when she was pulling up the driveway was when they were saying it on the radio," John said. "So she got to get out of the car right when he got done. And right when she got out of the car, that's when I got down on one knee."

A moment to remember that came not a second too soon.

"Believe in love in first sight," said Stephanie. "Believe in it because it happens."