Friends speak out after Texoma man shot by Lewisville Police

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A Fort Towson man died Wednesday night, after Lewisville Police shot him. Police say the man pulled a gun on their officers.

It started when employees at a Lewisville McDonalds called 911 Wednesday night, saying a man was pointing a handgun at customers.

Police soon tracked down Roger P. Hamill, the suspected gunman. They said Hamill pointed the gun at them, prompting officers to shoot him.

Responders rushed Hamill to a near-by hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Tammy Edwards taught Hamill at Fort Towson High School. He and her son were best friends. She describes Hamill as a second son.

"I was glad for the friendship that my son and he had," she said. "I can't imagine losing a child."

Edwards said Hamill served three tours of duty in Iraq. She said he struggled re-adjusting when he got home.

"I heard he was doing a lot better," she said. "And I sure hope and pray he was."

But she still doesn't believe Hamill would ever try to hurt someone.

"No, that does not sound like Roger Hamill the student I had, at all," she said.

And Alicia Brents - another former teacher - agrees that this wasn't the Hamill she knew.

"No. No! And that's what shocks me."

She said he was always a great kid and well-liked - even into adulthood.

"I'm in disbelief. I can't believe that," she said. "You never know what's gonna happen these days."

Edwards said she was always proud of Hamill.

"I hope he served the military [well], I heard good things. I hope he served as good as anybody," she said. "I know he was dedicated. And I wouldn't have wanted this to happen to him."

Investigators said the shooting happened near I-35 and the Vista Ridge Mall. The Texas Rangers are investigating.