Texoma police chief to train with FBI

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GUNTER, TX-A Texoma law enforcement officer was picked out of thousands of applicants to train with the FBI.

Gunter Police Chief, Bryce Kennedy was invited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to take part in their National Academy. Only 250 officers are admitted from the U.S. and across the world to attend the 10-week course in Quantico, Virginia.

Those in the academy will take courses on law...forensic science...and understanding terrorism. Kennedy said he was nominated by Gunter City Counselor, Larry Peters, who retired from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

"I'm amazed, I'm really lucky. About half of one percent of all law enforcement in the country gets to go. You have to be nominated, about a year ago I applied, I was nominated and applied and then I found out about 2 months ago I was accepted," he said.

Kennedy will head out to Quantico next week and will return in March.

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