Texoma stores launch Black Friday sales on Thursday

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SHERMAN, TX -- Retailers officially kicked off the holiday shopping season tonight. Texomans lined up at several stores in Sherman with hopes of snagging some Thanksgiving deals.

It was a new atmosphere for most people here because instead of the traditional midnight opening for Black Friday, Best Buy and several other retailers in Sherman started opening their doors at 6 Thursday evening.

Lines began to grow Thursday afternoon outside both Target and Best Buy.

"We had an early Thanksgiving that way we could come out here and get all this shopping done," shopper Tanner Davis said.

A Black Friday tradition has now started a day earlier, into what's being called "Grey Thursday".

"We come to Target every year, and we just try to and get some good deals," Laura Keatley said.

Some families even mapped out a plan.

"Well, several of us are getting together and going to different stores. Mine of course is Target. And if this fails, I'm going to Walmart," Susan Grimes said.

Electronics are the usual hot items on many shopper's lists.

"A 50 inch element TV for $230," Colton Cathy said.

"So, how much are you saving?"

"Um I don't know. My mom just tells me to come out here and do stuff," Cathy said.

"I think by the time it's going to be all said and done I'll save about $400," Shera Buck said.

A few shoppers camped out to secure their spot in line. But for most, the wait was a much shorter one this year. That can be credited to the earlier openings. Instead of the traditional midnight opening at Best Buy, this year, shoppers were allowed in 6 hours earlier.

The new "Grey Thursday" concept is receiving mixed reviews.

"It's much more convenient to, you know, go in at 8 p.m. instead of midnight," Keatley said.

"It really does screw up Thanksgiving and family time," Buck said.

"Truthfully, I think it's probably not a good thing, but I am out here at the same time because I want to get a laptop or something for my son half price off. I'm a mother of two," Sarah Moore said.

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