Texoma woman raises bullying and domestic violence awareness at Sand Bass Festival

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Tara Woodlee created Ashleigh's Patience Project after her daughter, Ashleigh Lindsey. Lindsey was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend last year. Her unborn child also died.

Woodlee said she's raising awareness about domestic abuse to help save victims.

"I believe that if I can reach one person then that's a good thing," said Woodlee.

She's also putting up a fight against bullying.

"We're going to be drawing on all aspects of domestic violence and it seems like bullying is a part of that," said Woodlee." I don't think you can separate the two from one another any longer."

She explains how they're connected..

"The bully grows up and the statistics show they don't quit being a bully," Woodlee adds. "So they get into these relationships and it escalates from bullying into domestic violence."

During the presentation as people walked by, they listened. A listener we spoke with says the message sunk in.

"Of course we lived here and knew when it happened and we followed it all the way through," said Kaye Idleman, who heard the presentation. "She did an excellent job."

If you're facing a bully or domestic violence, Woodlee offers this advice:

"You're not alone," she said. "Get some help if you're in this situation."

For help, you can call the national domestic violence hotline at 1-800-799-7233.