Texoma store gives back to people in need

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SHERMAN, TX -- A new Texoma store opened up five weeks ago in downtown Sherman and "Upscale Thrift" is doing more than just offering unique items to shoppers. It is offering help to those in need.

Twenty-five years ago Jackie Holland found some unopened boxes of food that someone had just thrown away and her ministry "Whosoever Will Outreach" was born.

"That first lady, I said 'would you like to have some food? Fruits and vegetables?' She said, I don't have any money. I said no, it's free. She said I just fed my kids the last food this morning. So my heart was hooked, and I've not gone back," Holland said.

Holland says from that day forward she has looked for more ways to give back to those she calls "hurting people". She says "Whosoever Will" helps anyone in need, from victims of abuse and addiction to the homeless and hungry. Holland says she has even served as a mentor for a sex trafficking victim helping her turn her life around.

"She's been to college. She overcame so many obstacles and I guess that's where my heart is mentoring and just caring," Holland said.

It is Holland's desire to help change lives that inspired her family to help open "Upscale Thrift" in downtown Sherman. She says the majority of the money from sales goes straight to "Whosoever Will" and shoppers say knowing their money is well spent gives them more reason to want to buy something.

"iI's great for it to be local here especially on the square where people can come by and see it and to benefit a ministry like this is awesome," a shopper, Taylor Brewer, said.

Holland, once a victim of abuse, says she knows what it has like to hit rock bottom and feel like your sitting at the bottom of a dumpster, but she says it is never too late to pull yourself out.

"Ifelt like a failure, but your past does not dictate your future bottom line. It doesn't matter where you've been. I doesn't matter what you've done. It matters where you are going," Holland said.

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