Texomans react to "Stand Your Ground" laws

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(SHERMAN, TEXAS) -- Texas and Oklahoma like many states have their own versions of the "Castle Doctrine" or "Stand Your Ground laws".

Gun laws, namely those related to self-defense are under more scrutiny following George Zimmerman's acquittal. Texas and Oklahoma both have laws which allow you to shoot and kill if you feel your life is in imminent danger.

Lieutenant Michael Eppler says " you have the right to defend yourself or another person in certain circumstances if you feel like your life or their life is in jeopardy but only with the force necessary and no more."

Most Texomans we spoke to say they are pleased with the current state laws and feel protected.

Gene Clay, a Texas resident, said, " I think you oughta have the right to defend yourself."

Sandy Taylor, an Oklahoma resident, said, " I feel like that we are well protected."

Tyler Rattan believes guns are a freedom of being an American, " I believe in protecting yourself. I believe in the right to bear arms."

But not everyone agrees.

Darlean Love says, " you can have self defense but you still must not shoot or murder anyone."

Law enforcement officers stress the importance of the definition of imminent danger, " a person has to remember, what you do you will be accountable for it could be in a court of law. The law says we can protect ourselves, but we also have to use common sense."

Oklahoma representative Mike Shelton wants a state dialogue on Stand Your Ground laws, he says "people need to understand what stand your ground is and at what point are they allowed to shoot and kill someone..guns mean different things to different people."